Ice Cream Party

On August 18th the church held an Ice Cream Party in aid of the second mile project in the lovely garden of two of our congregation – so thank you to Sheila and Peter for welcoming us again.
With uncertain weather the numbers attending was slightly down from previous parties but it was good to welcome people from other churches in the Circuit.
There was ice cream in abundance with sorbet for those who don’t do ice cream and everyone was given a bowl and a spoon and they kept for as long as they still wanted ice cream. With about ten flavours of ice cream and three of sorbet it took a while if you wanted to try them all. Coffee ice cream and coconut ice cream and pear sorbet were amongst the favourites but rhubarb and custard, peach, apricot ice creams and gooseberry and elderflower sorbet were amongst those available to try. Thanks to those who made them.
We took over Sheila’s kitchen to provide teas and coffees and games and giant bubbles were amongst the things to try, the latter proving to be quite addictive!.
A quiz was provided which proved popular and excess vegetables that people donated were sold.
Entry was free but donations for the Second Mile Project raising funds for Dumi’s work in Zimbabwe were invited and a substantial sum was raised for that project.

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