History of The Methodist Church (formerly St John’s) in Nuneaton

The present building has been open as a place of worship since January 1966, but its history in Nuneaton stretches back almost 200 years. In 1820 the first attempt to establish Methodism in Nuneaton met with failure, but a few years later a place of worship was successfully established in two small adjacent cottages on Abbey Street, with a further cottage at the rear used as a Sunday School. In 1841 the first Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was built on the site now occupied by Nuneaton Methodist Church. In 1873, a growth in the society necessitated a larger chapel, which opened on the corner of Stratford Street and Abbey Street, the original chapel being retained as a Sunday School. After a re-design and enlargement, this new building remained in use until 1963.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel was established on Queen’s Road and the Primitive society met there for 60 years, visited during this time by the founder of Primitive Methodism, Hugh Bourne. Similarly, the Primitive cause also flourished and in 1897 a new chapel was opened on the corner of Queen’s Road and Edward Street, which was used continuously until 1966.

Following the Methodist Union in 1932, the two societies came into closer contact and agreement was reached to amalgamate. The new church was built and opened as St John’s.

In 2014, after much prayerful consideration the churches of Attleborough & Stockingford decided to cease worship in their churches and join with St John’s to form Nuneaton Methodist Church.

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