History of Radford & Holbrooks

This Church began its life in the new surrounding housing estate when an advert was placed in the local newspaper, calling a meeting of interested local residents to one of the shops built in Jubilee Crescent. There was a promising response and Cottage Meetings began in the homes of Methodist people. One such couple were Mr & Mrs Marr who regularly had over 30 people at week-night meetings in their house.

The Parish Church of St Nicholas provided a hall for Sunday evening worship and on the 22nd July 1945 with 32 members Radford Methodist Church came into being. The Rev. Sidney Darby conducted the first service. Then on 1st May 1948, after the purchase of a new ex-army pre-fabricated hut and a parcel of land to go with it, the present site and ‘old’ hall were consecrated. The Rev. Lloyd Jones became the first minister. Needs increased, however, and on 10th June 1961 the new church was opened and dedicated, the preacher being the Rev. W Russell Shearer, M.A. A large congregation said ‘Amen’ to the words; ‘For the worship of God in prayer and praise; For the preaching of the everlasting Gospel; For the celebration of the Holy Sacraments; We dedicate this House’, and today, this glorious witness is being loyally maintained.

With alterations/amalgamations within the Circuits we are now known as Radford and Holbrooks − there is a whole new page to be added to our history − watch this space for any update…….

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