History of Bedworth

A Brief History of Bedworth Methodist Church

Although the present church building is quite modern in style, there has been a Methodist Church on this site since 1845. Previous to that date a small group of Methodists met for worship in a cottage in Kinders Yard, which was somewhere in the area at the rear of the old shops across the road from the modern church. Eventually this small group of people decided to raise enough money to purchase land and build a small church. So in 1845 a church was built upon the site where the present church stands.

Throughout the ensuing years improvements and expansions were made until it became a church which was beautiful and fit for worship. Sadly in 1941 the church was destroyed by fire. All the effort and work from the past years had been destroyed overnight.

Despite their sadness and shock, the church folk set about fundraising for a new church and in 1953 the present church was opened. Since then the premises have been improved and extended to be suitable not only for use as a church but also for the use of the community of Bedworth. From the list of activities, you will see the various groups that use our church rooms.

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