Evangelical Growth Action Plan

Draft of Circuit Evangelical Growth Action Plan (EGAP)

The Plan is a tool of mission in the Lord’s work in our context. It consists of Streams which aim to provide a strategy for that mission in order to reach out to people. Whenever we approve this Plan, we will be committed to growing, as an example, by two new churches (traditional or fresh expression) and increasing our membership by 100 in 7 years.

Also, the Streams facilitate churches to dwell more actively and
prayerfully on the questions:

How is the Lord transforming us to be more relevant to people in
the community and their everyday needs?

What’s our mission strategy to share the Gospel for the next 7
years?, and

Besides letting our rooms and providing coffee fellowships what
else is our church well known for in the community? As such, the
leading objectives are to:

Stream 1. Nurture children and youth as disciples of Christ within
the church family.

Stream 2. Inspire churches in their spiritual growth through small
groups as a means of grace.

Stream 3. Work with churches as they practice the principles of
Church Without Walls and model church planting.

Stream 4. Provide food, shelter & clothing, offer safe spaces and
comforting presence, listening ears and radical advocacy to
victims of social inequality, and care for our Planet Earth.

Stream 5. Promote, safeguard and nurture the ongoing wellbeing of Circuit staff and employees in order to comply with the
requirements of the church for recruitment, employment and
appraisal towards sustainable growth.

Stream 6. Explore mission investment models towards the
productive use of circuit resources from which churches may
draw inspiration for their individual growth projects.

Stream 7. Sustain a culture of vibrant worship in the circuit which
pleases the Lord and appeals to members and visitors.

Please, in the Strength the Lord provides, pray for the mission
strategy of the Circuit. As you pray, consider the Stream you are
passionate about. Which Stream appeals to you and needs
your support?

Let’s continue in prayer!
Live blessed to serve the Lord!

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