A Letter from our Superintendent Minister

Hello Church,

How are you today? Are you troubled that your joy is being
suppressed? I trust that, strengthened by the joy of the Lord,
you faithfully ‘trust and obey’ that your troubles are dissipating . In this world trouble is prone to visiting us, yet our Lord resolves to dwell with us, constantly.

The truth is that Jesus precedes our current troubles to carve a way through them which takes us to a new place of being, living, and ministering, here and there. As such, he gives us two imperatives: ‘stop worrying’ and ‘start believing’ and a closely related promise: ‘I have gone to prepare a place for you’ (John 14.1-2).

Church, this means, in our current context, our risen Lord has seen the ending of the deadly covid-19 pandemic at its very beginning and as such is moulding us, people and churches, into in new creation, a new church, to fit his purpose for that ending. This ushers us into that new place of his design where he reigns. As we trust the art of his moulding, may the Lord prepare us for that new place, designed for us as a circuit. Meanwhile, let us proclaim and demonstrate his Gospel until he comes.

Live blessed,


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