Circuit Stewards

This Methodist year we have seven Circuit Stewards, whose responsibilities have been divided into ‘Streams’, they are:-

Stream 1 Children, Youth & Family – Mary Hobbs

Stream 2 Discipleship through Learning & Caring – Peter Dipple

Stream 3 Evangelism and Church Planting – Trevor Gay

Stream 4 Justice, Compassion & Peace – Christine Wellham

Christine moved to Coventry some years ago when she retired as a Methodist Layworker in the S. Essex Circuit. Having been a member of the circuit staff team for many years she was keen to develop a ‘circuit focus’ for the Nuneaton and Coventry Circuit.  She is a Local Preacher with a strong musical interest.

Stream 5 Staffing and Staff Well-being – Andy Pinks

Hello, I am Andrew Pinks (Andrew or Andy is fine). I was born in Coventry and have lived in the City my entire life.  I have traced the Pinks family connection to the village of Berkswell back to the 16th/17th century.

I was christened in the Church of England.  However, involvement with Scouts and my first marriage I have experienced Christian life in a number of Anglican, Baptist and Roman Catholic church.  I started worshipping with my parents at Central Hall back in 1994.  Through this very varied experience of worship I have learnt that each denomination of the Christian Church teaches and practices much the same as each other and seek, in their own ways, to deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I have been in an active participant in the life of the church at Central Hall over more than twenty years. I am currently a church steward and junior church leader as well as having an active involvement with Alpha courses, in addition to being a circuit steward.

I believe being a Christian is a whole life experience and see all my varied meetings etc. as opportunities to spend fellowship time with my Christian friends. Whilst my involvement with young people most Sundays means I have less opportunities to fully participate in the Sunday worship services, I find my relationship with God is strengthened and encouraged through my fellowship at our weekly life group meetings.

I believe that God is calling Christians to be constantly ready to evolve our ministries to ensure that, Like Philip (Acts chapter 8), we are actively meeting people where they are, physically and spiritually, to help them develop a relationship with the God through our saviour Jesus Christ.

Stream 6 Financing and Resourcing – Mike Hobbs (Treasurer)

Stream 7 Worship & Spirituality – Helen Holdforth

Helen moved to study in the Physics department at Warwick University after graduating with a degree in Physics and Astronomy from St. Andrew’s University. Bill and I (both from the north-east town of Hartlepool) were married when he came to do his PGCE and we’ve been in Coventry ever since as he was promoted through the school to eventually be Assistant Head.

We began worshipping at Lime Tree Park and took part in many church and circuit activities. I stopped being ‘Mrs Bill’ helping to run the Youth Club when our first son, Paul, was too old to take around in the carrycot. Mark was born three years later. We started to worship at Earlsdon in 1989 as we had moved to a house by Hearsall Common. We now have three granddaughters – two in Coventry and one in Croydon.

I have helped to plan worship since we first came to Coventry, with many of the ministers and some local preachers and was one of the first authorised Worship Leaders in the Coventry circuit.

I’ve been involved in alternative worship services particularly meditative forms using multimedia and interactive prayer.

Since the autumn of 2004 my friend Alison and I have been setting up prayer rooms which give individuals the opportunity to spend time with God by means of several themed prayer ‘stations’. I have made several labyrinth carpets which are also used for meditative prayer.
Since Earlsdon started using a data projector I have enjoyed preparing the necessary Power Point presentations for worship and experimenting with using the technology to offer worship in different ways.

I believe that worship is a way of life not just an hour on Sunday so I would like to encourage the people of the circuit to have a wider view of worship (different forms and other days), and I hope to help those leading worship in the circuit to explore new ideas and improve how we offer worship to our eternal, loving God in the 21st century.

Further personal statements & pictures will follow.

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